Twisted, trickier and bolder version of dark-synth, CONFRONTATIONAL is one of the best acts - if not the finest one - in this much competitive and as of late super productive synthwave business.

  • limited to 500 copies
  • translucent red vinyl LP
  • Featuring Featuring :Cody Carpenter, Tying Tiffany, Tobias Bernstrup, Trevor William Church

01. Set The Night Ablaze (Feat. Cody Carpenter) 05:36
02. Fade Into The Burning Dawn (Feat. Tying Tiffany) 05:11
03. Under The Killing Sun (Feat. Cody Carpenter) 05:01
04. Stranger In The Mirror (Feat. Tobias Bernstrup) 04:23
05. Vendetta 04:24
06. Queen Of Vengeance (Feat. Trevor W. Church) 04:19
07. You Still Kill (Feat. Cody Carpenter) 03:45
08. Threshold Of Redemption 03:21
09. Together Again 04:36

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