Sonor Music Editions presents a reissue of Claudio Tallino's Calamo, the original soundtrack for the erotic thriller movie from 1976 directed by Massimo Pirri. Remastered from the original tapes, Calamo is an outstanding and 100% essential Italian soundtrack containing top-notch giallo and sleazy thrilling music with dark, fuzzy, funky, and definitively trippy sounds that put this amazing soundtrack in high demand. Calamo merges Euro sex movie themes and arrangements with the classic Italian giallo sound of the time, and is filled with funky drums and breaks. There is plenty of dopeness, spaced-out down-tempo beats and hypnotic basslines, with dark orchestrations, threatening bells and swirling, filtered-out Hammond organ. Dig a sinister female chorus, fuzzy cues, captivating psychedelic moods, ringing thriller vibes, and dramatic moments with menacing progressive riffs, sleazy wah-wah, heavy piano, and sweeping strings. For fans of Bruno Nicolai and Ennio Morricone. Edition of 500, 180 gram vinyl in gatefold sleeve, includes CD with unreleased outtakes.

01. The Beginning
02. The Priest
03. The Rite
04. Lone Stepbrother
05. Sweet Mouth Stepsister
06. Journey To Nowhere
07. Smoke Gets In Your Head
08. The End
09. M20 Canone (Previously Unreleased)
10. M3 Lone Stepbrother (Outtake)*
11. M4 Sweet Smouth Stepsister (Outtake)*
12. M7 (Outtake)*
13. M18 Lone Stepbrother (Outtake)*
14. M14 The Priest (Outtake)*
15. M15bis (Outtake)*
16. M21 Prima Parte (Outtake)*

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