This GOBLIN / CLAUDIO SIMONETTI's THE MURDER COLLECTION, is a freshly collected compilation of classic tracks from various movie-soundtracks, that Goblin and Simonetti wrote for Dario Argento's legendary Horror movies (Deep Red, Suspiria, Dawn of the Dead...) Claudio Simonetti: Keyboards, Bruno Previtali: Guitar, Federico Amorosi: Bass and Titta Tani: Drums.

  • Limited Picture Disc 499 copies (180 gram high Definition Sound)+ Gatefold Obi.
  • Exclusive For Record Store Day 2015

Side A
1 Profondo Rosso
2 Suspiria
3 Phenomena
4 Dawn of The Dead

Side B
1 Roller
2 Tenebre
3 Non Ho Sonno
4 E suono Rock
5 Zombi

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