Cult Italian progressive-rock band Goblin revolutionized the concept of music in film, creating an influence that is felt worldwide over 40 years later. Now with two members of New Goblin in the fold (Titta Tani on drums and Bruno Previtali on guitar), and Federico Amorosi (original Daemonia member) on bass, Claudio Simonetti's Goblin perform the soundtrack to George A. Romero's legendary 1978 zombie epic Dawn of the Dead before a live audience in Helsinki, Finland in May of 2017.

01. L'alba Dei Morti Viventi
02. Zombi
03. L'alba dei morti viventi
04. Tirassegno
05. Zombi
06. La Caccia
07. Zombi
08. Zombi
09. Zombi
10. L'alba dei morti viventi
11. Oblio
12. Zombi (Supermarket)
13. Zaratozom
14. Torte in faccia
15. Zaratozom
16. L'alba dei morti viventi
17. Zaratozom

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