Reissue, originally released in 1981. From the meeting of the legendary Tsugaru Jamisen maestro Chisato Yamada with volcanic mind of the composer Tasheshi Terauchi and his Oriental Fantastic Orchestra, a collaboration and a unique record, a conceptual work, is born in which innovative songs transcend the boundaries of traditional music by mixing modernity, rural, and electronic atmospheres, local arias and contemporary music. A record with strongly evocative and cinematic sounds. OBI; includes two-panel fold out sheet with original liner notes of the time translated in English that explains, in an exhaustive way, the inspirations from tradition and popular music and the very accurate digital recording techniques of the time that make it a record sought after by audiophiles looking for sounds unedited in the Western tradition.

A1. First movement | Torai Zanmai (The Path Of The Shamisen) (6:20)
A2. First movement | Echizen Nagare Bushi (The Echizen Current) (4:43)
A3. First movement | Ryōmin Ichiai Aseishigawa (The Lord Of Great Humanity Aseishigawa) (4:52)
A4. First movement | Kamigawara Bushi Tamashi Eienni (The Kawigawara Song, Eternally In The Soul) (5:35)
B1. First aria | Tsugaru Haru Uta (Tsugaru Spring Song) (4:05)
B2. First aria | Tsugaru Natsu Uta (Tsugaru Summer Song) (5:25)
B3. First aria | Tsugaru Aki Uta (Tsugaru Autumn Song) (5:52)
B4. First aria | Tsugaru Fuyu Uta (Tsugaru Winter Song) (4:15)

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