Composer, improviser, and Buchla Music Easel master Charles Cohen returns to Morphine with a suite of material recorded in 2014. In keeping with the timbre spectrum of his semi-modular system, Brother I Prove You Wrong is built around pointillist analog tones -- Cohen's cosmic "beeps and boops" -- that swarm and scatter in mesmeric patterns across four sides. Moving through surrealistic textural overlays and industrial miasma, the album's nine tracks reveal a more introspective and personal side of the artist, following a retrospective LP trilogy released via Morphine in 2013 (The Middle Distance (DOSER 019LP), Group Motion (DOSER 020LP), Music for Dance and Theater (DOSER 021LP)). Those assembled works, dating back to the late '70s, quickly became essential listening and brought Cohen -- at the time largely unknown outside Philadelphia's experimental circuit -- to critical renown. Brother I Prove You Wrong was recorded in Berlin in September 2014 using the Buchla Music Easel, with production help and support from Rabih Beaini. Mastered by Neel and curated and designed by Tank Boys; cover art by Nathalie du Pasquier.

Side A
01. Cloud Hands 01:14 
02. Sacred Mountain 01:39 
03. Visitors of the Sacred Mountain 01:31 

Side B
04. The Boy and the Snake Dance 02:00 

Side C
01. Mankind and Mannequins 02:01 
02. Formation of Matter 02:01 

Side D
03. Beirut 01:12 
04. Cold War II 01:23 
05. Go Deeper and Listen 01:26

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