Carpenter Brut draws its influences from 80s TV shows & B-movies loaded with synthesizers and evokes an encounter between Justice beats & the universe of John Carpenter. TRILOGY stands as a compilation of his first three EPs I, II and III, which include standout tracks such as Turbo Killer.

  • 180 gram 3-LP set in gatefold sleeve

LP #1
01. Escape From Midwich Valley
02. Disco Zombi Italia
03. L.A. Venice Bitch 80'S
04. Wake Up The President
05. 347 Midnight Demons
06. Le Perv
LP #2: 01. Roller Mobster
02. Meet Matt Stryker
03. Obituary
04. Looking For Tracy Tzu
05. Sexkiller On The Loose
06. Hang'em All
LP #3:
01. Division Ruine
02. Paradise Warfare
03. Run, Sally, Run!
04. Turbo Killer
05. Anarchy Road
06. Invasion A.D.

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