WRWTFWW Records announce the release of the long-anticipated, 30-years-in-the-making Psychos In Love original soundtrack, available for the first time ever in a super-deluxe, 7" grape-colored vinyl edition. Filled with sleazy funk, macabre synths, homemade electronic kitsch, anti-grape propaganda, and rewind-worthy dialogue excerpts, Psychos In Love is the ultimate lo-fi horror-rom-com soundtrack adventure. Housed in DIY no-budget sleeve; Loaded with extras, including words from film director Gorman Bechard, lyrics of the theme song, a promotional postcard with a picture of the cast, a poster of a woman attacked in a bathroom, and the infamous as-seen-in-the-movie "I LOVE MY VCR" bumper sticker.

01. Psychos In Love Theme
02. Bonus Material

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