180-gram LP. Limited edition of 500. First reissue. Killer Italian library LP by Carlo Savina and his orchestra, originally released on Fabio Fabor's Edizioni Musicali Minstrel sublabel Ring. Shocking and still underrated panoramic electronic lounge sounds spaced out by jazz-funk, dope funk breaks, and amazing electronic underwater effects. Music inspired by the sea and islands for a total aquatic lounge trip. A stunning bassline opens "Canaries," the best shot from this album, with Fender piano over slow drums, infectious acoustic guitars, and insane breaks.

A1. Caraibi
A2. Seychelles
A3. Portorico
A4. Canaries
A5. Cyprus
A6. Giamaica
B1. Bahamas
B2. Portsmouth
B3. Tibet
B4. Oceania
B5. California 3000
B6. From Italy

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