Death Waltz Recording Company is proud to unleash another cult classic from the video nasty era (and their first in an ongoing series with the legendary CAM Records from Italy).

Carlo Maria Cordio’s musical score to Joe D’Amato’s notorious ABSURD (aka ROSSO SANGUE) is a pseudo-sequel to ANTHROPOPHAGUS, the film reunited D’Amato with George Eastman, star of the previous film, and brought the action from Greece to America where the near-invincible Mikos escapes from a hospital to go on a typically gory killing spree. Using drills, band saws, axes, scissors, and an oven, Mikos terrorises the kids of an American (Italian) family until he gets his inevitable comeuppance courtesy of a drawing compass.

Carlo Maria Cordio’s score is centred around a versatile seven-note piano riff that gets an amazing amount of use without ever feeling too stale or repetitive. Cordio augments the riff in interesting and varied ways, sometimes going down the Goblin route with the big and impactful percussion and the funk beats, with a healthy dose of synth, or going for a bit of a chilled out proto-LETHAL WEAPON tune, with noodling electric guitar. Tension is the order of the day much of the time, with synths, an electric keyboard, and a snare drum being Cordio’s weapons. If you love your prog-rock horror music, ABSURD will be right up your alley. Just leave the axe at home, no?

  • Double vinyl on black wax housed inside a Gatefold sleeve printed on 425gsm card featuring embossed intestines and an exclusive lobby card.
  • Cover art by Wes Benscoter.
  • The record features 22 tracks which include not only the full score to Absurd but also all of the cues used in the legendary splatter movie Pieces. Exclusively re-mastered for vinyl from the original CAM tapes.

1. Absurd
2. Rosso Sagune – Seq 1
3. Rosso Sagune – Seq 2
4. Rosso Sagune – Seq 3
5. Rosso Sagune – Seq 4
6. Rosso Sagune – Seq 5
7. Rosso Sagune – Seq 6
8. Rosso Sagune – Seq 7
9. Rosso Sagune – Seq 8
10. Rosso Sagune – Seq 9
11. Rosso Sagune – Seq 10
12. Rosso Sagune – Seq 11
13. Rosso Sagune – Seq 12
14. Rosso Sagune – Seq 13
15. Rosso Sagune – Seq 14
16. Rosso Sagune – Seq 15
17. Rosso Sagune – Seq 16
18. Rosso Sagune – Seq 17
19. Rosso Sagune – Seq 18
20. Rosso Sagune – Seq 19
21. Rosso Sagune – Seq 20
22. Rosso Sagune – Seq 21

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