Lunaris Records is proud to unleash the soundtrack for the 1990 cult classic horror comedy, Troll 2. Composed by Italian maestro Carlo Maria Cordio (Absurd, Pieces, Body Puzzle), the soundtrack offers an eclectic mix of synth, bluegrass, and guitar rock jams.

  • Green cassette shell with black imprint

01. Like an Emerald Green
02. Goblins Are Coming
03. Wrapped in Dreams
04. Through the Mirror
05. Green Nightmare
06. Black Sense of the Fear
07. Desperate Sprint in the Forest
08. The Witch of Popcorn
09. Shadow in the House
10. Na-Na Song
11. They Are Not Farmers
12. Wail of Terror
13. Can I Help You
14. Eaten like Green Sauce
15. Green Jam Sandwich
16. The Welcome Cake of Prudence
17. Grandpa Fairytales
18. Do You Want Some, Joshua

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