Atom punks and Shotgun shacks : The return of BurningTapes

Trash drums, fuzz bass and grit. The result of these ingredients and sage advice from co-producer Damon Baxter is the gritty, funky, and exploitation heavy Devil x Nine. This is a drum and bass guitar heavy collection of tracks slathered in fuzz, buzzing guitars, lo-fi synths and B-movie Drive-in double feature vibes. There’s no fat here. Just all lean and mean with a switchblade in its back pocket just in case.
-John Hubner (Complex Distractions)

Available on limited edition translucent purple vinyl with custom Delrinex Dx9 plectrum. Cut at 45rpm for best sound quality at Abbey Road Studios. Spot UV gloss, heavyweight sleeve. Insert print and download card.
Artwork by Kid Ethic

  • Limited edition: Translucent purple vinyl
  • Cut at Abbey Road Studios at 45rpm for best sound quality
  • Spot UV gloss heavyweight sleeve. Insert print and download card

01. Nut Job 01:32
02. Atom Punk 02:55
03. The Hour 02:35
04. A-TYPE Noise 02:43
05. Everybody Gets Hit In The Mouth Sometime 03:02
06. The Bad, Sleep Well 00:54
07. Shotgun Shack 02:53
08. Sonatine 02:28
09. We Still Kill The Old Way 02:24

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