BurningTapes brings forth from the lake an eerie score of heavy filtering analogue synths and guitar manipulations in the score to the haunting and demonic 2019 film Black Lake by K/XI. Dripping in glassy cold reverb and abrasive Moog. Prepare for an uneasy listen.

  • Pressed on murky clear vinyl with blood splatter
  • Limited to 300 copies worldwide
  • Includes download card and insert

01. Earth, Air, Fire, Water
02. In The Wilderness
03. Landscape Near Figueras
04. Psyche
05. The Nightmare
06. Amadeus
07. Red Circle
08. Mara
09. Dawn
10. Tears
11. Savage Beauty
12. Razor Moon
13. Leviathan
14. La Reproduction Interdite
15. Waves Of Violence
16. Churail

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