As autumn arrives and the nights draw in... inspired by the synth soundtracks of the 80’s as well as the sounds of current electronic and ambient music comes City Depths, the soundtrack for an imaginary film.

When walking or driving late at night there is a sense of uneasy stillness as the moon casts everything in darkness and shadow. Nearly everyone is asleep but through the silence you can hear the sounds of vehicles, machines, and people gentling humming in the distance. While peaceful on the surface there is a sense of uncertainty as our imaginations work to fill in details of what can’t be seen, often creating things not real.

This album seeks to capture this experience through ambient textures and pulsing beats, best experienced through headphones or stereo, while exploring the night.

A poppier, more immediate companion piece to the same composer's W A S P - also available on cassette via Spun Out Of Control.

  • Professionally dubbed C45 chrome cassette with unique cover design, custom made translucent purple + smoke split colour cassette shell... including the two bonus tracks 'Moon' and 'Shadow'.
  • Composed, produced and performed by Bryce Miller. Cassette design and layout by Eric Adrian Lee.
  • Includes unlimited streaming of CITY DEPTHS via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more.

01. Stillness 04:55
02. Wander 03:20
03. Dusk 02:24
04. Haze 02:21
05. Descend 03:59
06. Shadow (Bonus Track) 03:54
07. Midnight 03:47
08. Depths 03:36
09. Intruder 01:30
10. Dawn 03:22
11. Missing 02:12
12. Void 01:30
13. Pursue 04:38
14. Moon (Bonus Track) 01:52

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