Bruno Nicolai met Morricone when they were both studying at Rome’s Santa Cecilia music academy. Nicolai was the conductor on many of the maestro’s scores from For a Few Dollars More onwards, but also found himself with plenty of composing work of his own throughout the 60s and 70s. Nicolai became almost as prolific as the maestro himself, particularly within the western and giallo genres. The Red Queen… is a great example of his giallo work. It has a distinctive and memorable main theme, and a second ascending piano-led theme that accompanies some of the suspense sequences. The first instance of the main theme comes right at the beginning, hauntingly sung by a small child on ‘Preludio & Titoli’. In ‘Minaccia’ we find that heavy suspense/chase bassline that Nicolai so often used in his giallo and Jess Franco scores, lush, atmospheric, and decidedly ‘euro’.

  • in collaboration with BEYOND HORROR DESIGN
  • BONUS poster (first pressing only)

01. La dama rossa uccide sette volte (preludio & titoli)
02. La dama rossa appare & primo delitto
03. Veglia funebre & macabro ricordo
04. In automobile
05. L’eredita & agguato nel buio
06. Secondo delitto
07. Ufficio vuoto
08. Interrogatorio
09. In cantina
10. Servizio fotografico
11. Terzo delitto
12. Quarto delitto
13. Segreto terribile
14. Incubo & aggressione
15. Quinto delitto
16. La dama rossa appare
17. Minaccia
18. Scoperta & sesto delitto
19. Inseguimento & settimo delitto
20. Confronto finale
21. Fine di un incubo (titoli di coda)
22. La dama rossa uccide sette volte (ripresa)

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