Second release from the vaults of Spettro and another classic Italian gem of the late Sixties, a wonderful score from the genius of Bruno Nicolai, renowned for his long collaboration with Ennio Morricone and for countless and beautiful works for tv and cinema. Femmine insaziabili – also known as Carnal Circuit – is a 1969 Alberto De Martino giallo flick (with a young Romina Power) whose best part is without doubt the original soundtrack. With the help of the voice of the sublime Edda Dell’Orso, Nicolai delivers an amazing Italian giallo soundtrack, regarding an “insatiable female” as the title suggests, full of beat sound, orchestral landscapes, unbelievable themes and at least two or three classics like I Want It All (two versions, the instrumental ones being the best), I tuoi sospiri and Nostalgia di un incontro – some of the finest examples of Nicolai’s penchant for wordless female vocals in an instrumental setting.

  • 500 Hand-Numbered
  • First 200 on Orange Marbled Vinyl

01. Nostalgia Di Un Incontro
02. Autostrada Per Los Angeles
03. Sguardi Teneri
04. I Want It All
05. I Want It All
06. Notte Inquieta
07. Intimità
08. Autostop
09. I Tuoi Sospiri
10. Fuori Dal Tempo
11. A Un Passo Dal Pericolo
12. Drive-In
13. Senza Titolo
14. Dondolo

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