The classic 1975 Italian thriller Gatti rossi in un labirinto di vetro (Eyeball), directed by Umberto Lenzi (Spasmo (RED 216XRAY-LP, 1974)), features a truly pleasant and entertaining score by the great Bruno Nicolai (The Case of the Bloody Iris (1972), The Red Queen Kills Seven Times (RED 209LP, 1972)), with an authentic '70s Italian cinema feel to it and a catchy main theme that is definitely one of his best. Another giallo ace on Dagored. This is the first release of the complete soundtrack on vinyl. Limited edition of 1000 "splatter" colored LPs.

A1. Gatti Rossi (Titoli)
A2. Barlington (#2)
A3. Gatti Rossi (#2)
A4. Prodromi
A5. Labirinto (Film Version)
A6. Gatti Rossi (#3)
A7. Nell'Assolata Alhambra
A8. Una Figura Incappucciata
A9. Una Figura Incappucciata (#2)
A10. Barlington (#2)
A11. Catena Di Delitti
A12. Occhi
A13. Barlington (#3)
A14. Orbita Vuota
A15. Una Figura Incappucciata (#3)
A16. Occhi (#2)
A17. Gatti Rossi (#4)
A18. Occhi (#3)
B1. Gatti Rossi (#5)
B2. Barlington (#4)
B3. Catena Di Delitti (#2)
B4. Barcellona
B5. Barcellona (#2)
B6. Gatti Rossi (#6)
B7. Orbita Vuota (#2)
B8. Orbita Vuota (#3)
B9. Barlington (#5)
B10. L'Incubo è Finito (Finale)
B11. Catena Di Delitti (Alternate Take - Long Version)
B12. Gatti Rossi (Titoli) (Alternate Take - Long Version)

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