Vietnam 1973 - a combat squad has to leave back one of theirs in a special mission.

USA 1986 - a secret mission does bring the Brothers in Blood back together - hostage rescuing in Guatemala. Terrorist leader is their former brother in arms. Tough and relentless Bo Svenson as Sergeant Steven Elliott called "Steel". The storyline being set to Latin America puts "Brothers in Blood" solidly into the then-zeitgeist. The mix of genre motifs is a perfect comment on the vanishing decade of action-packed war films in italian cinema.


Italy 1987
Director: Tonino Valerii
Cast: Bo Svenson, Martin Balsam, Werner Pochath, Peter Hooten, Nat Kelly Cole
Music: Riz Ortolani

  • Worldwide 2K Blu-Ray premiere!
  • EXCLUSIVE produced featurette "Basterd in Blood" with main actor BO SVENSON (26 min.)
  • EXCLUSIVE produced Documentary “Mr. Nice Guy ”about Life & work of WERNER POCHATH with brother and film producer DIETER POCHLATKO (40 min.)
  • International trailers
  • International Picture Gallery
  • Hardcover media book with partial UV spot
  • 28 pages Booklet with an Essay by Script writer Roberto Leoni in english and german, an essay by Udo Rothenberg (blog "Grün ist die Heide") in german and english and italian Promo material
  • Double-sided poster with the italian locandia and the US VHS cover artwork
  • 3 cover variations, one with the italian poster artwork, the US VHS cover and a collage in a numbered & limited edition of 400/300/200 pieces

Technical specification
Running time: 93 minutes
Format: 1: 33: 1, 1080p, 23.98 fps
Audio: English, German
Exclusive produced featurette "Basterd in Blood" with BO SVENSON (26 min.)
Documentary "Mr. Nice Guy “about life & work of WERNER POCHATH with brother and film producer DIETER POCHLATKO (40 min.).
Audio: English, German
Subtitles: German, English
Region B

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