Standing tall above his peers, multi instrumentalist Guy Bartell AKA Bronnt Industries Kapital has left an impressive mark on cinematic electronica, having spent the last decade being commissioned to soundtrack everything from legendary silent film Haxan: Witchcraft Through The Ages to 1930s Soviet documentary Turksib, Bronnt has been there long before the 3rd wave of Italian Library Fetishists and long before this thing called Horror Disco even had a name. Force The Line sees a group soaked in the soundtracks of a thousand low-budget-straight-to-video action-slashers, the sound of heavily dubbed Martial Art imports where vampires jump and acid-laced revenge thrillers invented on demoscene message boards. Bronnt’s first studio album since the 2009 Get Physical LP ‘Hard For Justice’ is all that we might ever want from this underground legend, dance floor heavy, krautrock zombie epics for the past present and future. Miss this at your peril.

  • Limited to 200 copies
  • Full color sleeve

01. Force The Line
02. Beyond The Invisible
03. Total System Power
04. Spring
05. Accumulator
06. Navigator
07. Mercy

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