Broken Arrows are the powerhouse duo of London’s Bill Ambrose and Spruxx. United over an envy inducing collection of vintage and modern synths and drum machines. Broken Arrows are the sound of a slime coated pansexual Club D’Amore as populated by malfunctioning ED-209s getting real freaky. Taking cues from classic EBM, Minimal Synth, these three dark-fucking-wave destroyers are complimented by a remix from the one-man-brutalist-factory known as Drvg Cvltvre, taking the title track and twisting it into a reimagined 8-bit NES grinder / grindr. Mastered by Phelan Kane. Art by Eric Lee. Always limited.

A1. So Few Truths
A2. Pressure
B1. Wolf Of Balcorne Street
B2. So Few Truths (Drvg Cvltvre Remix)

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