The goth soaked electronic rock of Brass Hearse’s debut album is here to take over your dark souls and have a ball!

“They are black chrome”

BRASS HEARSE is made up of WOLFMEN OF MARS (L Liberty, J Clapp, N Merryweather) and the vocalist from ICE DRAGON (R. Rochondo) and they have created an album that swirls with beauty, darkness and epic choruses.

The band says, “if we did this right, these songs should give you the feelings of death, romance and a good fucking time”

Brass Hearse will be available on limited edition single sided black vinyl, with screen printed image on the B side. Download card is included with 2 extra bonus tracks. Limited to only 250 worldwide.

01. Procession Etiquette 01:38
02. Rain Grey, Dark Sky 04:20
03. All Are Lost 02:49
04. X 02:47
05. Black Dress 03:12
06. Chrome And Hot Leather 05:38
07. Living For The Grave - Digital bonus track 03:13
08. In Death (I'll Love You More) - Digital bonus track 03:08

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