"Austria's Post Punk / Black Metal sentinels of Brånd team up with United States enigmatic lo-fi ethereal Black Metal outfit Calvary for a split 12". This recording is the soundtrack for long and lonesome walks in utmost recluse trails of your surrounding wastelands or your own mind." Tour De Garde

Released as a cooperation of Fallow Field, Tour de Garde and Födweg. Minimalist layout with DIY Obi-strip. Limited to 300 copies on black vinyl.

01. Brånd - Strom & Fös 00:00
02. Brånd - Aufm Weg 01:16
03. Brånd - Wie de Schlång 06:23
04. Calvary - Divine Wrath 10:35
05. Calvary - Ravenous Lands 13:46
06. Calvary - Crow & Eagle 18:20

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