Warehouse Find! Black Gloves II (the sequel to the Vercetti & Maiovvi split from 2012) comes roaring from the grave, like what if Satan himself had a neat motorbike that was on fire and went fast. Real fast. Heading up the release is newcomer Bogdan Dražić, crunched up horn and elephant blaring freak-house and EBM, perfect for Zombie clearance raids. In the Amazon. At night. The gates of hell are open and I couldn’t possibly describe what’s climbing out. Last but by no means least is the Valencian hero Daniel Kyo, perhaps the true heir to the throne of the real Sonido De Valencia, spaced out and cosmic with layers of emotion and sinister atmospherics. They sleep, we live. Art by Eric A Lee. Mastered by Brassica.

01. Bogdan Drazic - Cyrk 1
02. Bogdan Drazic - Lokis
03. Daniel Kyo - Blood Running
04. Daniel Kyo - For Those Who Know

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