A deeply personal musical statement from Bobby BeauSoleil, a 2-disk concept album featuring a mix of vocal and instrumental tracks mapping the meandering path of his journey to spiritual understanding. The vocal tracks performed by BeauSoleil include both covers and original songs, with guest performances by Annabel Lee Moynihan, Michael Moynihan, Robert Ferbrache, and Mike Behrenhausen. A lavish triple gatefold cover integrates evocative photographs by Nicholas Syracuse with calligraphy by Timo Ketola. Jacket layout and design by Bobby BeauSoleil and Beth Hall. This album was recorded at Oregon State Penitentiary between 2008 and 2015.

01. Hard Road
02. The Subterranean Path
03. The Bones Of My Mind
04. Nature Boy
05. Ghost Highway
06. I Put a Spell on You
07. Jai Kala!
08. Voodoo Shivaya
09. Saundaria Lahari
10. Credits

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