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In 1975 enigmatic Berlin based duo Blutbraüer were tapped to compose the soundtrack for the film “Meat For Wolfman”, which was planned to be the third film in the Blood For Dracula/ Flesh For Frankenstein series. Ultimately the film would never be made, but the soundtrack, a collision of sleazy fuzz & sensual strings was long thought lost. It has been uncovered and restored by Erik Blood & Corey J. Brewer.

“I love this record. I love Werewolves. I love horror soundtracks with fuzz guitar. It’s perfect.”
Warren Defever (His Name Is Alive)

Ishmael Butler (Shabazz Palaces)

  • Exclusive Edition of 100x copies on clear / black / red splatter vinyl with a screenprinted jacket and o-card

01. Fleisch für Wolfsmann 02:43
02. Vorbereitung auf die Jagd 01:40
03. Beute im Mondlicht 01:44
04. Nachtclub Gesindel 01:50
05. Nachtheulen 02:15
06. Wolfsangriff 02:33
07. Wach im Blut auf 01:37
08. Geschichte vom Wolf 03:14
09. Die Liebe eines Wolfes 02:05
10. Nachtclub im Außenbereich 03:41
11. Tanz der Dysphorie 03:23
12. Londoner Straßen 03:24
13. Endkampf 01:39
14. Der Einzelgänger 02:42

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