Blue Chemise documents the hermetic sound world of Australia's Mark Gomes. Daughters Of Time follows 2017's brilliant full-length Influence On Dusk, released in micro-edition on Gomes's own Greedy Ventilator imprint. It is an elegiac set of vignettes recorded straight to dictaphone with minimal post-production. These pieces function in a manner akin to Loren Connor's evocative "airs", conjuring poignant, intangible senses of longing and nostalgia then disappearing well before overstaying their welcome. Regarding their genesis, Gomes points to a quote from Australian artist Robert Hunter: "It's like I'm external to them. They develop their own assertion and character; their becoming finished is a thing they decide themselves. It's unexplainable."

01. Bonnie
02. Violet
03. Polly
04. Celeste
05. Melody
06. Alice
07. June
08. Odette
09. Vivian
10. Marcy
11. Jude
12. Sabine
13. Isla
14. Claudia
15. Jane
16. Christine

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