The Death of Rave is proud to host the initiation of Black Mecha with AA, their sci-fi vision of heavy electronics strongly informed by the outer limits of black metal and a cryptic, esoteric Weltanschauung. Official communiqué from the Grand Lodge of Internal Masonry: "Black Mecha AA provides fragmented metaphoric sci-fi audio conceptualization based around some of the formative ideology developed by the Grand Lodge of Internal Masonry. With centralized focus on the deterrence and defence technique aspects of Internal Masonry, namely, Black Ray and its resulting Architecture Antithesis, or AA, mental effect, the six tracks create a realm conducive to execution of thought rumination, and an embankment for sharp inner pathways." Black Mecha does not exist safely within any pre-defined idiom. It is by nature a noumenal gesture in the void, projecting uncharted escape beyond staid, putative perceptions of genre. Fascinating for its sense of discipline and focus, AA is poised in the balance between meditative hypostasis and raging yet controlled emotion, characterized in the bellicose momentum of "Starship Aspicio" or the strobing, stately majesty of "Altruego," and to cataclysmic impact with the eviscerated electronics of "Black Ray." But make no mistake; it's not showboating industrial noise or melodramatic angst -- the sense of control amid panic and dread is palpable and compelling in a way hardly experienced with such elemental force. For listeners of a steeled disposition and open mind there is a logic and ingenuity at play in this record that begs the rarest private consideration. But overall, enjoy this music in your own way, because that is the only way of Black Mecha!

Side A
01. AA 02:00 
02. Planet Hunter AA 01:21 
03. Altruego 02:00 

Side B
04. Starship Aspicio 02:00 
05. Facilitator 02:00 
06. Black Ray 02:00

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