Sub Rosa present the first LP issue of Bass Terror from Bill Laswell and Nicholas James Bullen, originally released as a CD in Sub Rosa's Subsonic series in 1995. Bass Terror Tetragrammaton" is the dark side of Bill Laswell at the peak of his art in 1995 -- he goes into a black trance. The piece is not from a collaboration, it was designed alone, in his studio in Brooklyn. "Bass Terror Tetragrammaton" is also to be linked to an alchemical process. "Nocturnal Crawl" is a totally hypnotic piece, the first that Nik Bullen designed outside of Napalm Death and Scorn. The two pieces answer each other strangely, like two sides of the same hidden anxiety. The concept of the Subsonic series was the confrontation of electric guitars as the tutelary instrument, but here and this time only, it came out of bassists confronting each other. Red vinyl; Edition of 400.

01. Bass Terror Tetragrammaton 15:15

02. Nocturnal Crawl 18:38

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