Dagored present a reissue of Berto Pisano's soundtrack for the 1969 film Interrabang, originally released in 1970. Berto Pisano was a bass player, composer, arranger and Italian conductor. Among the interesting soundtracks he composed, there is certainly a major spot reserved for Interrabang, the cult giallo/erotic film of 1969 which at the time was quite out of the box, as it matched the exotic-erotic genre with the psychological thriller. Strong jazzy themes supported by strings, vibraphone, soft drums, some great bossa nova mixed with shakin' mid-tempo tunes and the magnificent vocals of Edda Dell'Orso. This soundtrack is a truly beautiful experience. Edition of 500 on colored vinyl.

A1. A Piedi Nudi Sulla Spiaggia
A2. La Scogliera Dell'amore
A3. Il Colore Degli Angeli
A4. Tema Di Valeria
A5. Sabbia E Mare
A5. Little Snack Bar
B1. ...E Il Sole Scotte
B2. Tramonto Sulla Scogliera
B3. La Vallata Sommersa
B4. Luci Sulla Baia
B5. Tema Di Valeria (2)
B6. Tema Di Valeria (3)
B7. Tema Di Valeria (4)

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