2016 repress. Bernard Herrmann wrote the bulk of the score for Vertigo (1958), considered by many critics and by Herrmann himself to be his finest film score, in a little over a month. Hitchcock places Herrmann's background music in direct opposition to music that is played deliberately as part of the action of the film. While Herrmann's score represents the forces of destiny and the mysterious dream world inhabited by Madeleine, music that Midge plays on her radio and record player represents her world and the norms and strictures of conventional society. Herrmann scored the swirling harps and strings that imbue most of the pivotal action sequences in the film to mirror the vertigo that dogs the protagonist. Essential.

Side A
01. Prelude and Rooftop 
02. Scotty Trails Madeline
03. Carlotta's Portrait 
04. The Bay 
05. The Beach 
06. Farewell and the Tower 
Side B
07. The Nightmare and Dawn 
08. The Past and the Girl
09. The Letter 
10. Goodnight and The Park
11. Scene D'Amour 
12. The Necklace, The Return and Finale

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