Repressed. The score to one of Alfred Hitchcock's masterpieces, Psycho (1960), by one of the greatest composers to ever grace the silver screen, Bernard Herrmann (Citizen Kane (1941), Taxi Driver (1976), Cape Fear (1962), etc.). Herrmann began writing scores for Alfred Hitchcock in 1955, but the apex of this collaboration came undoubtedly with 1960's Psycho. Herrmann's amazing ability to set the mood has made the soundtrack to Psycho perhaps the most memorable in the history of cinema -- who can recall the shower scene without hearing the sound of shrieking violins? Do not miss your chance to own this classic on vinyl!

Side A
01. Prelude/The City/Marion and Sam/Temptation 01:03 
02. Flight/The Patrol Car/The Car Lot/The Package/The Rainstorm 01:02 
03. Hotel Room/The Window/The Parlour/The Madhouse/The Peephole 00:58 

Side B
04. The Bathroom/The Murder/The Body/The Office/The Curtain/The Water/The Car/The Swamp 01:03 
05. The Search/The Shadow/Phone Booth/The Porch/The Stairs/The Knife 01:03 
06. The Search/The First Floor/Cabin 10/Cabin 1 00:53 
07. The Hill/The Bedroom/The Toys/The Cellar/Discovery/Finale 00:56


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