Ben Wallfisch has delivered an incredible muscular score for The Invisible Man, Mixing classical strings, synths & Industrial noise; it is both organic and synthetic, pummelling you one minute and barely there the next. Honestly, this hasn’t left my headphones since we were sent it. Wallfisch expands on the sonics of his IT scores and while there are inspiration and nods to Bernard Herrman in the urgency of the string section it feels contemporary and timeless. An astounding achievement.

  • Pressed on 2×180 Gram black vinyl with an etching on side D
  • Housed in a spot varnish gatefold sleeve and the package is encased inside a see-through spot varnish slipcase!

01. Cobolt
02. Escape
03. He’s Gone
04. This Is What He Does
05. We’ve Got That In Common
06. Make It Rain
07. Attack
08. Why Me
09. The Suit
10. Asylum
11. He’s Behind You
12. House Fight
13. It’s All a Lie
14. Surprise
15. Denouement

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