After being completely sold out on vinyl, Geoff Barrow & Ben Salisbury’s ‘DROKK: Music Inspired By Mega-City One’ has been re-issued as a special edition on 2 x LP with beautiful new bespoke packaging, including extra bonus material previously not available with the retail vinyl release.

DROKK is a synth heavy score with a relentless darkness, a cold atmosphere where the tension never drops. Although it is a soundtrack of sorts, Barrow and Salisbury instinctively felt that music for MC1 should steer clear of the rich orchestration common to many contemporary film scores. Even for electronica the music is often purposefully stark and spare, with the majority of tracks created exclusively on the Oberhiem 2 Voice Synthesizer with a cameo from Beak>

  • Features a spined ‘sombre grey’ outer sleeve with deboss and die-cut
  • Pressed on 2 x black vinyl

01. Lawmaster/Pursuit
02. Helmet Theme
03. Titan Bound
04. 301-305
05. Justice One
06. Scope The Block
07. Exhale
08. Council Of Five
09. Puerto Luminae
10. Miami Lawgiver
11. Eagle
12. Clone Gunman
13. Inhale
14. Iso Hymn
15. 2T[Fru]T
16. Dome Horizon
17. The Men Who Never Learned
18. End Them
19. Helmet Theme [Reprise]

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