Mondo in conjunction with Lakeshore Records and Sparks & Shadows is proud to present Bear McCreary’s score to Colossal.

Colossal is a complex film working on many levels and Bear McCreary’s’ score easily matches the subtle tonal shifts throughout, for our money this may be his best work yet, it’s really beautiful, full of heart & striking melodies yet suitably mournful and epic when it needs be. Mixing a traditional orchestral style, with flourishes of post-rock – think Mogwai with a string section. The way Bear manages to mix the two disparate styles is testament to just how good a composer he really is, another new score for 2017 that promises to be a winner come the end of year polls.

  • Artwork by We Buy Your Kids
  • Pressed on 180 Gram Vinyl

01. Colossal Prologue
02. A Monster Hypothesis
03. A Walk In The Park
04. Jealousy
05. Have A Beer
06. The Most Irresponsible Thing
07. Birth Of The Monster
08. Confronting Oscar
09. Separate Ways
10. The Colossal Finale Part 1
11. The Colossal Finale Part 2

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