Both Prophets are pleased to announce their next prophecy, the second record release from The False Prophets Recording Company "Barbara, The Gray Witch". Available for the first time since its original release in 1971. In this album, Barbara gives you a series of tests to determine if you were born a witch or warlock, and what you can expect to gain from witchcraft. She reveals for the 1st time the differences between the three realms of witchcraft: black, white, and gray. Authentic chants, prosperity rituals, calling forth spirits, beckoning and paying homage to Satan, and exorcising evil spirits; it's a fascinating trip through the world of modern witchcraft.

Just as you would come to expect from the Prophets, this release has all the fixins, three different lenticular photo covers showcasing the beauty of woman and witchcraft alike, each record anointed with grave yard dust (thank you Barbara), and an insert containing additional original release artwork and spells only she could offer as a practicing Gray witch.

Offered on heavyweight mystic gray vinyl, this 2xLP record will have you agreeing, witchcraft has never looked better.

  • Variant 1 Cover

A1. Modern Witchcraft 5:29
A2. Witchcraft Facts 5:42
A3. Witchcraft Surprises 5:07
A4. Childhood Questions 5:52
B1. Adult Questions 4:18
B2. Witchcraft Tests 6:38
B3. Contacting Spirits 5:00
B4. Doe-Dee 2:45
B5. Be Cool 2:59
C1. Black Witchcraft 2:13
C2. Me-O-Me 2:59
C3. Black Necessities 1:42
C4. Demayo-Demío 2:09
C5. Black Occult 9:40
C6. Domé 2:38
D1. White Witchcraft 7:25
D2. Shamoo-Ra 2:36
D3. Gray Witchcraft 6:13
D4. Witch's Love Song 2:51
D5. Gray Responsibilities 3:41

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