Espacial Discos present a reissue of Aviador Dro's first, self-released album, Alas Sobre El Mundo, originally released in 1982. Legendary Spanish synth-pop band Aviador Dro was formed in Madrid in the late 1970s, influenced by bands like Devo, Kraftwerk, and Cabaret Voltaire as well as by science fiction and movements like punk, futurism, anarchism, and Dada. Dressed in matching space-age uniforms, the group created a particular synth-pop sound, which they defined as "tecno-pop". Signed to the major Movieplay label, where they released a couple of 45s, in 1982 the band decide to go the DIY way and they launch their own record label, DRO which became the most important independent label in Spain during the 1980s. In 1982, Aviador Dro released their groundbreaking first album, Alas Sobre El Mundo ("Wings Over The World"), which is now widely considered as synth-pop/minimal wave classic, full of analogue synths, drum machines, and Vocoder. Alas Sobre El Mundo includes some of Aviador Dro's most famous songs like "Ondina", "Selector de Frecuencias", and "La TV es Nutritiva". Remastered edition comes with original artwork and 12-page LP-sized insert.

A1. Brigada de Demolición
A2. Ondina
A3. La Televisión Es Nutritiva
A4. Cita En El Asteroide
A5. Obsesión
B1. Sintonía de La Moda Estandarizada (Collage del Aviador Dro)
B2. El Laberinto del Nuevo Minotauro
B3. Kraken
B4. Selector de Frecuencias
B5. La Cicatriz de La Fábrica Roja

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