CD edition of the now sold out demo tape. Includes special CD only bonus track.

"Amazing release, magickal atmosphere. High fantasy dark art reminiscent of Depressive Silence" - crypt_ofthe_vampyre

"Although heavily inspired by early artists like Depressive Silence, it would be churlish to characterise Arthuros as a mere clone. Ithildin is one of the best genre debuts I've heard in years, weaving an enchanting, dreamy atmosphere that all tower-dwelling wizards should lend an ear to. A work of wonder and an artist to follow." - Gareth the Grey

"Simple, pure and repetitive - this album pursues one vision of dungeon synth to the point of absolute perfection" - Mellow Barbarian

CD edition, limited to 300 copies. Split release with Tour de Garde.

Comes with Bandcamp download card, which you will receive packaged with the CD (while supplies last).

01. Gaze Of The Light Tower 1:09
02. My Journey To The Light Realm 3:52
03. As I Pass Through The Moongate 5:49
04. The Vision Of The Northern Star 7:29
05. I , The Stars 6:56
06. Olympos 4:48
07. Fled Towards Paths Unknown.....(Outro) 1:20
08. From Startdust We Come

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