Burning Witches Records in conjunction with Lakeshore Records are proud to release Antoni Maiovvi’s killer score for Can Evrenol’s 2017 horror film Housewife. Housewife centers on a woman who, as a kid, saw her mother kill her father and sister. As she grows up, she’s haunted by dreams of the event. Then she meets a celebrity psychic and all hell breaks loose in her psyche.

Among the things for which Maiovvi is known, is his synth-infused scores — whether for actual films, such as Abdullah or Yellow, or ones not yet made. But for Housewife, Evrenol’s English-language debut after the phantasmagoric Baskin, Maiovvi overall went a more organic, orchestrated route, aside from the final disco cut track.

Double album on blue and purple vinyl, limited to 500 copies worldwide. Includes download.

A1. Housewife 6:00
A2. Becoming A Woman 2:12
A3. Holly (Part I) 3:08
A4. Holy (Part II) 3:24
A5. Altered Reality 4:53
B1. Holly (Part III) 2:15
B2. A Conversation Between Two Old Friends 4:24
B3. Holly & Valerie (& Tim Too) 3:12
B4. Amulet 3:24
B5. Playroom 1:53
C1. Maze Of Dreams 2:06
C2. Staircase 1:11
C3. Dreamsurfer 4:09
C4. Goodbye Valerie 1:46
C5. Say Goodbye To Your Face 2:01
C6. Birth 6:30
D1. Holly (Part IV) 2:57
D2. Wife & Mother 3:42
D3. Housewife (Extended Disco Mix) 5:02

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