Inspired by the classic soundtracks of Bernard Herrmann and the novels of Stephen King, this collection of tracks mixes pounding synth rhythms with plaintive piano pieces. At turns thrilling, breathtakingly beautiful and utterly terrifying, this is Maiovvi as you’ve never heard him before.

‘Where Dreams Go To Die’ is available as a strictly limited run of 180 cassettes on dual-coloured shells, as well as a digital download. The story behind ‘Where Dreams Go To Die’:

Ethan Kane was hailed as the most exciting new horror novelist of his generation before tragedy befell his family, plunging his world into the depths of grief and alcoholism.

A decade later he returns to the old homestead, clean and sober for the first time, determined to begin work on his latest book. As dormant feelings begin to rise to the surface, so too does the house start to elicit paranormal events. Are these demons all in his mind? Or do they reveal the truth of what happened on that fateful day ten years ago?

Released on dual-coloured black and white cassette shells with blood red pad printed text and imagery, ‘Where Dreams Go To Die’ is the new album by electronic artist and film score composer Antoni Maiovvi.

01. Your Dress 04:11
02. Model Citizen 04:14
03. Where Dreams Go 03:55
04. An Encounter With A Friend With Sharp Teeth 04:20
05. Childhood Home 03:40
06. Delimited Guild 04:54
07. Sour Candy 04:52
08. Curiosity 03:49
09. Hereditary Sickness 05:18
10. Letting Go 02:56

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