Fire Walk With Me is an altogether more brooding affair than the Twin Peaks series soundtrack. Badalamenti won a grammy for the title track of this LP and it’s not hard to see why- it’s dangerous, and bursting with smokey jazz thanks to Jimmy Scott. We went back to the master tapes in the Warner Archives and had this recut to fit across two LPs as the score clocks in at 51 minutes. It sounds incredible and punchy, but super nuanced too.

  • Director approved artwork
  • Composer approved audio
  • Sleeve notes by film critic Mark Kermode (approved by David Lynch and Angelo Badalamenti)
  • Vinyl re-master by Tal Miller at Warner Archives
  • Laquers cut by David Cheppa at Plush Vinyl
  • 2 × 180G Cherry Pie vinyl
  • 425gsm Gatefold sleeve housed inside a bespoke black die cut outer jacket with black spot varnish finish, complete with obi strip

01. Theme From Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me
02. The Pine Float
03. Sycamore Trees
04. Don’t Do Anything (I Wouldn’t Do)
05. A Real Indication
06. Questions in a World of Blue
07. The Pink Room
08. The Black Dog Runs at Night
09. Best Friends
10. Moving Through Time
11. Montage From Twin Peaks (Girl Talk / Birds in Hell / Laura Palmer’s Theme / Falling)
12. The Voice of Love

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