A mix of orchestral pieces from composer and conductor Angelo Badalamenti inspired by Shoshtakovich’s 15th Symphony mixed up with trashy Hammond-led boogie and overblown baroque pop from Roy Orbison and Ketty Lester, suitable for any dive’s jukebox.

A precursor to Lynch’s Twin Peaks and Mulholland Drive, Blue Velvet sets a template for ethereal noir soundtracks in a modern, quite disturbed age.

  • Blue Vinyl

01. Main Title
02. Night Streets / Sandy And Jeffrey
03. Frank
04. Jeffrey's Dark Side
05. Mysteries Of Love [French Horn Solo]
06. Frank Returns
07. Mysteries Of Love [Instrumental]
08. Blue Velvet [Montage] (feat. Isabella Rossellini)
09. Blue Star [Montage]
10. Lumberton U.S.A. [Sound Effects Suite]
11. Going Down To Lincoln [Sound Effects Suite]
12. Akron Meets The Blues
13. Honky Tonk Part I (Bill Doggett)
14. In Dreams (Roy Orbison)
15. Love Letters (Ketty Lester)
16. Mysteries Of Love (Julee Cruise)

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