Space Electronics - let’s stop and ruminate on that for a minute - not “Electronics from Outer Space,” or “Electronics for Inner Space” - but, simply, “Space Electronics,” genius. Composed in 1977 for the Italian Cam library, this suite of short synth-based “Mood Pieces” from Spanish composer Andrés Lewin-Richter predates his two more well-known Hemisferio outings - issued later in the Creel Pone series - by a good half-decade while offering a then-contemporaneous collection of pieces rife with classic Library / Cam descriptors such as “Sounds with Echo,” “Impulses with Echo in Motion,” “Beats at Various Levels Overlapping and Creating Complicated Rhythms,” or, my personal favorite, “Low, Deep and Magnetic.” Aside from all of the excellent, short-form VCS3 bleepings & backwards tape-maskings going on throughout this expectedly killer set, there’s some real A-grade “Sound Research” - especially the last track’s mutant gated Sound Poetry ala Henri Chopin - that belies Lewin-Richter’s background as an academic - he started the “Estudio de Música Electrónica de Barcelona” with Josep-Maria Mestres Quadreny & spent time at the Columbia-Princeton Electronic Music Center in the 60. An amazing set, long one of my personal “Holy Grail” titles, found & made audible / tangible once again due to the un-tiring hands of Mr. P.C. C.P. -Keith Fullerton Whitman

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