Perfectly timed replication of the other - ref: “Musiques Expérimentales,” issued 30 or so ‘Pones back - great Andre Almuro LP, initially issued by the oft-cited Boîte A Musique, aka Disques Bam imprint at the tail-end of the 1960s. Almuro started out with Pierre Schaeffer, producing radioplays for the Club D’Essai in the late 40s before joining the GRM in 1958. He proceeded to produce dark, chilling Musique Concrète backings to recitations of work by authors such as Jean Genet & Antonin Artaud, but by the late 60s he had already begun working on even more sparse & creepy music, paring down the traditional sound-on-sound approach to focus on combinations of single & paired instruments, edited to mask their natural timbres & bathed in a virtual sea of reverb & tape-echo to blur the assembly stages, yielding a remarkably prescient approach to sound construction that set him apart considerably from his peers. The two pieces here, “L’Envol” - or “The Take-Off” - clocking in at a remarkable 29 minutes; amazing they could fit this on an lp side back then! - & “Ambitus” are nothing if not trademarks of Almuro’s style. Along with the aforementioned “Musiques Expérimentales” we begin to get a clearer picture of this otherwise neglected composer’s contributions & inventions within the early Musique Concrète scene. Mr P.C. has done a fine job with the run here, again including detail from the LP itself in the “Gatefold.” -Keith Fullerton Whitman

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