There's no hiding the obvious influence for these two ABF albums released in 2020. The two albums form equal parts of a whole, and simply put, if you are a fan of Summoning, you will almost certainly love this collection as well. Perfectly crafted compositions in the style we all have grown to love so much over the years.

Deluxe 8 panel 2xCD digipak, limited to 300 copies, featuring both "A Relic From the Sands of Time" and "Where Dragons Dream."


  • Extra Metallic gold ink printing on both sides of digipak
  • Full black inner bleed printing on spines
  • High quality replicated discs from glass master
  • Extra gold ink printing on disc face.
  • Resealable crystal clear bag, with gold foil sticker.
  • 2 Bonus tracks: Seamless mix of each album as a single ~30 minute long track.
  • Beautiful cover artwork by Silvana Massa and layout by Ainul Iblis
  • Bandcamp download code
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