All Of Them Witches - The Coven, brings you ambient and dark creeping synth delights, which has also been a pick of the week from Mondo - “Synth pads abound on this release, with the usual nods to Carpenter and synth scores of the 80’s, but it also has a really playful side (listen to Music Box) that sets it apart. Very cool.”

All Two headed Dog customers will receive a download coupon with their purchase for the album and the exclusive “One For The Pyre” split EP. The digital EP is only available outside of the deluxe boxset exclusively from Two Headed Dog. The 5 track split EP features brand new recordings from both artists All Of Them Witches and BurningTapes.

  • Limited edition (250 copies worldwide)
  • Heavyweight 180g Black vinyl
  • Exclusive "One For The Pyre" split EP download coupon

01. The Black Queen 02:19
02. The Hunt 05:22
03. Music box 02:09
04. Devil's Pepper 04:37
05. We drift 02:33
06. Conjuring 02:29
07. Hungry Shadows 06:30
08. Beckon 05:53
09. Helena Markos 02:39

One For The Pyre - Split EP
01. Aura - All Of Them Witches
02. Beast Within - All Of Them Witches
03. Mr J.C - All Of Them Witches
04. Black Cat / Smoking Barrel - BurningTapes
05. Empire Vampire - BurningTapes

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