Burning Witches Records presents their 2nd cassette release from UK musician All Of Them Witches. The album The Coven available on limited edition Pumpkin orange cassette.

Mondo’s Pick of the week -
The second release for new label Burning Witches Records is a really great little release that really reminds me of the score to Halloween III for some reason. Synth pads abound on this release with the usual nods to carpenter and synth scores of the '80s but it also has a really playful side (listen to Music Box) that sets it apart from the current set of retro synth merchants operating right now. Very cool.

01. The Black Queen 02:19
02. The Hunt 05:22
03. Music box 02:09
04. Devil's Pepper 04:37
05. We drift 02:33
06. Conjuring 02:29
07. Hungry Shadows 06:30
08. Beckon 05:53
09. Helena Markos 02:39

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