This is one of the most obscure and beautiful collections of Italian library ever released. Originally conceived in the early eighties as a soundtrack for TV specials about space, aliens and other thrills, the songs included on this LP are true masterpieces of esoteric electronic music with heady hints of krautrock, electro-ambient and spacey suites a la Tangerine Dream. A must have for fans of Tangerine Dream, Brian Eno, Neu!…

01. Il Grande Fratello (C. Gizzi)
02. Morte Clinica (C. Gizzi)
03. Pioggia Acida (C. Gizzi)
04. Le Voci Di Dentro (C. Gizzi)
05. Indicibile Orrore (C. Gizzi)
06. Spasmodica Attesa (C. Gizzi)
07. Psicosi Da Macchine (C. Gizzi)
08. Serie Prima (L. Piccioni)
09. Serie Prima (II^ versione) (L. Piccioni)
10. Plasma (L. Piccioni)
11. Micromateria (L. Piccioni)
12. Ossessione (A. Sechi)
13. Sul Filo (A. Sechi)
14. Il Fantasma Dell’Opera (S. Brugnolini)
15. Overdose (S. Brugnolini)

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