A sweet selection of unreleased material from the vaults of Italy’s famous Cometa Records sound library – a package that’s pretty heavy on keyboard and electronic bits, with a sound that’s right up there with some of the best Italian horror and action scoring of the early 80s! In fact, there’s a strong sense of drama throughout – a nice call to action in some of the tunes, as the keyboard lines set up a mood, then send it soaring – and basslines brood along to create these cool darker currents! The whole thing’s still pretty tuneful – none of the atonal qualities that show up in other Italian scoring – and the three artists often collaborate throughout, in different groupings – on titles that include “Serpentina Junior”, “Turismo Giovane”, “Akriliko”, “Speed”, “Preallarme”, “Romantico Junior”, “Viaggio Giovanne”, and “Riflessione”.

  • Limited to 500 copies

01. Akriliko
02. Bronmxs
03. Fluttuanze Junior
04. Preallarme
05. Speed
06. Tormento Ripetitivo
07. Romantico Junior
08. Turismo Giovane
09. Massima Solitudine
10. Sereno Junior
11. Affanno Junior
12. Riflessione
13. Viaggio Giovane
14. Serpentina Junior

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