Sonor Music Editions present a reissue of Alessandro Alessandroni's Ritmo Dell'Industria N.2, originally released in 1969. An absolute Italian mood music grail and one of the best library music recordings ever. Alessandroni's Ritmo Dell'Industria N.2 is a true legend in the field. This is the maestro's most prized and sought-after album, produced in 1969 on the small Grand Prix label. A mind-melting record featuring some of the most killer driven beats ever -- dark vibes and haunting atmospheres with constant and moody industrial rhythms, filled with tons of drum breaks, trippy scat vocals, and Eastern inspired obsessive grooves. Music has been remastered from the original stereo master tape. Back sleeve features deluxe liner notes written by Jonny Trunk. Holy grail alert!

  • Edition of 500

A1. Dialogando
A2. Circolazione
A3. Numero Uno
A4. Basso Regime
A5. Vie Motrici
B1. Escursione
B2. Transizione
B3. Riproduzione
B4. Cantiere
B5. Moto Blues

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