Dagored present a first ever reissue of Alessandro Alessandroni's Fischio Amore Mio, originally released under the legendary Flipper imprint in 1976. What would "a fistful of dollars" be without Alessandro Alessandroni's whistle? Alessandroni -- not accidentally nicknamed by Fellini "il fischio" -- started his whistling career within Nino Rota's orchestra to then become the hallmark of the spaghetti western era. A collection of astonishing "whistle" pieces by Alessandroni.

  • White vinyl
  • Edition of 300

A1. Marea
A2. Harlem Swing
A3. Codice D'onore
A4. Costa Azzurra
A5. Aria Di Quartiere
A6. Ossessivo Per Fischio
B1. Libera Uscita
B2. Amore Mio
B3. Night Swing
B4. La Sfida
B5. Gianicolo
B6. Boy Scout
B7. Ritratto
B8. La Mia Provincia
B9. Tea Room

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